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Our first online bookshop was launched in 2008. Since then we have developed several specialist shops, especially relating to the Lake District and Northern England. For example, one of our narrowly specialist sites wainwrightguides.co.uk launched just about a year ago, while our more general Lake District bookshop has been running since 2011 and recently moved to thelakedistrictinbooks.uk.

This latest venture, Britain through Books, extends our interest to the whole of the UK. We're starting small and will add more areas as time goes on.

It is probably a good idea to define "Britain" for our present purposes, as the name can be used in various ways. On this site we use terms geographically, not politically.  Therefore, for clarity,

  • The British Isles = the entire collection of islands including the two major islands (Great Britain and Ireland) and their surrounding smaller islands.
  • Great Britain = the largest of the islands, including England, Scotland and Wales.

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